Tools/Functional Workshop Programmes

Strategic HR and Training


“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle

At strategic HR and Training, the functional/tools training programs focus on human resource development. Our trainings are conducted to enhance certain functions so as to sustain organizational productivity improvement and achievement of our client’s corporate goals.


As Human Resource Training experts, we know the importance of having effective people management, and soft skills development for our HR business partner. Our workshops run result-oriented training programs that support training & development in a professional learning environment, with quality materials and experienced instructors. Our facilitators bring a wide range of expertise, leveraging interactive learning principles. Through our faculty network, we are able to provide a range of functional/tools training programs – Train and Trainer, Performance Management, HR Practices for Excellence, Benchmarking, and much more.


While we have a variety of open workshops programs developed and ready for delivery, we also partner with organizations to customize the HR Training delivery and content for in-house activities as needed to ensure maximum impact. These training workshops aim to give your organization the knowledge and skills they need to gain the competitive edge.

Some of our workshops on tool/functional training are

  • * Competency Mapping

  • * Project Management

    * Balanced Scorecard

  • * Benchmarking

  • * Finance for Non-Finance Managers

  • * HR Practices for Excellence

  • * Microsoft Office Proficiency

  • * Performance Management

  • * Train and Trainer

* for  information on our list of training workshops, please contact us on the above numbers or drop us an email at