Skill-Based  Corporate Training

At strategic HR and Training, the skill based training programs focus on human resource development

Skill-Based Corporate Training Increases Employee Productivity. Today, a successful organization’s development strategy must focus on improving the skills of its workforce, that would not only reduce the cost of doing business but also making available the resources business needs to compete and thrive.


Skill-based training is developing in oneself or others, any skills, and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies. Training has specific goals of improving one’s capability, capacity, productivity, and performance. Technical skills and soft skills development are both equally important for management levels in an organization.


At strategic HR and Training, our training workshops aim to develop and retain top talent, provide employees with the required skills, mindset and network that will ultimately propel your business forward. Behavioral Skill, Business Communication, Business Etiquettes, Conflict Management are some of the important aspects of our workshops. Our instructors are practitioners with a deep understanding of current industry trends and the skills, and focus on the latest technology and state-of-the-art training.


We also offer customized in-house workshops that incorporate your culture and specific requirements into training.

Some of the skills-based corporate training workshops include:

     *  Analytical Skill

     *  Behavioral Interviewing Skill

     *  Business Communication & Business Etiquettes

     *  Coaching for Performance

     *  Conflict Management

     *  Problem Solving & Decision Making

     *  Goal Setting & Planning

     *  Presentation Skill


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