Situational Leadership

Our premier program offers a dynamic action-learning process for developing critical leadership skills. The Situational Leadership Program spread out over two days gives you the latest techniques for identifying and developing your innate leadership qualities. It presents the knowledge, expertise and benchmark practices of innovative decision-makers. And participants profit from the insights of seasoned leaders who have demonstrated the talent for moving ahead as fast as the world is changing!

Develop your full potential as a manager and prepare to face future leadership challenges.

This is a time of unprecedented turbulence that heralds an era of continuous change for most organizations. Through these rough waters leaders must navigate complex situations with skill and wisdom. Leadership for Managers is designed to equip you with the confidence, insights and practical skills to make the most of your gifts and potential as a leader, and to meet these challenges robustly.

This hands-on learning opportunity examines the role that emerging leaders can play in both their own development and the development of their teams. Participants take a close look at leadership imperatives—the distinctive characteristics that they must develop personally to become better leaders and the process that needs to happen within their organizations to extend leadership to all levels. The design incorporates self-reflection exercises, group work, lecture, and in-depth case studies to engage participants in thought-provoking discussions.

Program Objectives

The Leadership for Managers Program provides participants with strategies to handle the formidable challenges that are associated with moving into new and increasingly more complex leadership roles. Participants will gain a better sense of their own approaches to leadership and will acquire new ideas to optimize and sustain their potential. They will leave the program with fresh, updated perspectives and tangible action plans for taking charge and inspiring leadership throughout their organizations. Who is it for? This program takes a challenging approach designed to develop the full potential of managers who want to enhance their career and leadership prospects.

Program outline

The content of the program is intellectually challenging and unconventional and will help you find creative solutions to problems. You will discover new ways to lead in your organization. Specific topics to be explored include:

 Defining the personal characteristics and competencies of effective leaders

 Recognizing the difference between management and leadership—and knowing when and how to assume each role

 Identifying personal leadership style and comparing with any given situation

 Building winning teams

 Managing relationships to achieve goals

 Receiving and delivering feedback

 Leading through conflict situations

 Developing the next level of potentials within the organization

How you will learn

You will become part of a temporary learning community offering you the opportunity to learn and develop through experience. Group work provides an opportunity to learn more about how you influence and motivate others. The groups are designed to mirror your real-life experiences in work life. You will support, challenge and learn from other managers, developing a high level of trust and mutual respect. Benefits for you and your organization

By the end of the program you will be more confident as a leader with a greater understanding of your own behavior and its effect on others. The program will help you increase your contribution to your organization, and make sustainable changes to your own and other people’s behavior. You will have greater understanding of organizational issues and be a more supportive and self-aware leader-manager.

What Makes SHRTA Training Different/Better?


Our experience has taught us that to be effective, training must be interactive and participatory. Business skills are learned by doing. They are not learned by listening to lectures or tapes or by reading books and magazines. The Presentations training will be interactive and participatory. Trainers will use a balance of presentation, practice, coaching, open discussion, and real-life experiences to help the participants to improve their skills “in the moment”. Participants apply the training and come back to relate their successes. Supervisors and employees are held accountable for results in a positive way. Best practices are shared. New habits and skills are developed over time.

Quality of Instruction

SHRTA Training Instructors are experienced professionals with real-world experience

Track Record of Success

SHRTA has successfully partnered with hundreds of organizations to positively impact their business results. A variety of organizations from a range of industries, and in each case, SHRTA Training provided a training solution to fit the needs and objectives of each organization. This means that your Organization can be confident that working with SHRTA will produce the desired results as it has with many other organizations.

We believe the value we bring to our Clients can be summarized as follows: From a Business Perspective

We have proven experience in the training of organizations that seek to bring out the best in their employees. In large and small companies, in various industry segments, we are the trainer of choice when it comes to assisting companies in creating competitive advantage through the development of their greatest resource—their people.

From a Learning Perspective

We understand adult learning. It is our specialty. It is very important to combine theory with practice and personal accountability or you will not get the results desired. We recommend a hands-on working environment in every session that we instruct. Our techniques will keep your people attentive and motivated. Each class member will be held accountable by giving an application report from something learned or practiced in a previous session.