This one-day program is designed for Junior – Middle level managers After attending the program each participant will be able to: o Define attitudes and explain how people develop and change attitudes. o Explain the concept of job satisfaction and discuss some of the key contributors in promoting job satisfaction and commitment.

o Define motivation and explain its importance in the workplace. o Understand what motivates team members.

o Understand the need of employee involvement for improved performance.

o Identify and explain the conditions through which goal setting can be used to improve job performance.

o Develop the skills of coaching and feedback. o Understand the different problems arising from unwanted attitudes behaviors.

o Understand the factors leading to quality of work life.

Time Theme

9:30 Introduction

– Program Structure and Thrust Areas.

– Program Methodology.

– Introduction of the Participants.

10:30 Emotions, Attitudes and Behavior at Work Place

– Types of Emotions

– Relationship between Emotions, Attitudes and Behavior

11:00 Job Satisfaction and Commitment

– Key workplace Attitudes

– Job Satisfaction and Commitment

– Consequences of Job Dissatisfaction

– The Job Satisfaction Wheel

11:30 Tea Break

11:45 Individual Motivation and Job Performance

– WHAT motivates us – WHY and HOW motivation occurs

– HOW outcomes influence behaviors – Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

– Satisfiers and Dissatisfiers – Survey of Motivation Factors

– Motivation as Reinforcement – Needs Satisfaction Survey

– Factors that Translate Motivation into Performance

12:30 Assumptions About People at Work

– Theory X and Y

– Situation and Management Style and Personal Preference Assessment

13:30 Lunch Break

14:15 Employee Involvement and Participation

– Job Enrichment and Empowerment

– Developing a Sense of Pride at Workplace

– Recognizing Employees

14:45 Goal Setting

– Goal Setting Process

– Advantages of goal setting

– Attributes of effective goals

– Guidelines for Setting Effective Performance Goals

15:30 Tea Break

15:45 Coaching and Feedback

– Effective Coaching for Performance Improvement

– Providing Feedback through BIT – Listening Skills

16:30 Coping with Difficult People at Work

– Different Types and Coping Strategies

– Communicating with Problem People

17:15 Quality of Work Life

– Being Fair

– Being Equitable

– Making Job Interesting

– Managing Stress at Workplace

17:45 Recap and Conclusion

– Practical Steps for Motivation

18:00 Close of Program


The Program will be highly participative and the Program facilitator will build on the experiences of the participants. Besides use of cases and survey instruments, the participants will engage in several small-group discussions during the program.