Leadership and Team building

corporate HR training, soft skill building, management development, and many more training related services

Why do we develop leaders? What makes teams perform well together? As the old saying goes great leaders create great teams, and great teams are made up of individuals who contribute their best, which in turn creates a successful and profitable business.

At Strategic HR and Training we provide programs that will give managers/leaders the tools to guide the organization in achieving its key initiatives. As Human Resource Training experts, we know the importance of having effective communication skills which remains the single most important factor in a leader’s bag of tricks.


Strategic HR and Training Leadership and Team building workshops/programs are designed to improve leadership skills and allow our delegates to be able to lead successful and high-performing teams. Leadership and team building is a training program that is both challenging and most practical. The ‘workforce development & management skills’ has been designed for delegates to understand the basic fundamentals of strategy and motivation in team building.

corporate HR training, soft skill building, management development, and many more training related services

Our result-oriented training programs support employee training & development in a professional learning environment, with quality materials and experienced instructors. Our facilitators bring a wide range of expertise, leveraging interactive learning principles.We are dedicated to providing an exceptional learning experience, engaging employees and directly impacting our client organization business goals.

Through our faculty network, we are able to provide a full range of HR training for any organization, from executive development and to frontline effectiveness development and productivity. We understand, team building is not just a “feel good” exercise, but a complex process of strategic alignment that requires skills, insight, sensitivity, toughness, resourcefulness, and empathy. These training programs are tailored to your needs and designed to develop successful teams, skilled leaders, and dedicated managers, based on business principles.


While we have a variety of open workshops programs developed and ready for delivery, we also partner with organizations to customize the HR Training delivery and content as needed to ensure maximum impact. Our growth has been largely through the referral from service providers like financial services firms, travel conglomerates & much more; and from existing clients organizations