Dealing with Difficult People Workshop Objectives:

To appreciate why people behave differently, what drives people to become difficult and how to cope with it?

The program would cover:

• Classification of difficult people

• Coping with aggressive people

• Motivating lazy people

• Dealing with difficult customers

• Handling complaints

Who should attend

This course is aimed at individuals and managers who must continue to perfect their business motivation skills for a professional and a business environment.


The program would be entirely based on interactive adult learning process. Simulation and experiential learning be supplemented by concept building lectures. Reading materials and tools shall also be used to facilitate learning.

Work Shop Agenda


• Types of Difficult people

• Understanding their psyche to appreciate their needs, drives and desires

• Understanding differences in people on the basis of: – Personality – Values – Perception

• Understanding differences in Attitudes. SESSION TWO Responce Mechanisms for:

• The hostile Sherman tank

• The hostile sniper

• The hostile exploder

• The complainer

• The silent and the unresponsive

• The super agreeable

• The negativist

• The know all

• The indecisive SESSION THREE Role Plays to explain:

• Handling aggressive people

• Putting the lazy people on the edge

• Beating the bullies at their own game

• Moaners, Groaners and critics

• Putting the pain on the perfectionists

• Manipulating the manipulators

• Shifting the stubborn


Conflict Resolution Strategies: Avoidance, Accommodation, Compromising, Competition and Collaboration The program would first address the participants own conflict resolution style and then use role plays and simulation to suggest changes that may be required to deal with difficult people. Feedback and plan of action