One day program Our Objectives in the Conflict workshop are for participants to:

– Identify the types and sources of conflicts.

– Identify the destructive and constructive nature of conflict in the workplace.

– Identify approaches for dealing with any conflict situation.

– Determine how to transform conflicts to constructive outcomes.

– Become aware of styles they use for approaching conflict

Session I : Concepts & Awareness

• Introductions/expectations/ground rules

• Exercise : Identifying personal conflict situations , identify outcomes, describe what I did, partner sharing

• Exercise: Understanding my sources of conflict / failure to engage outcomes

• Triggers and The Anger Arousal Cycle

• The Johari Window • What do I do when I am in conflict

• Identifying my development areas

Session II: • Introduction to the

4 – Stage Model

• Stage #1: Establishing a comfortable environment for problem solving

• Stage #2: Active Listening (content & feelings), Responding Empathetically, Summarizing, Clarifying, Non verbal communication

• Practice Stage # 1 and 2 Session III: Stage Model (contd.)

• Stage #3: Moving from Issues to Interests • Practice #3

• Stage #4: Problem Solving for Win/Win Outcomes

• Practice # 4

• Practice Problem Solving a Values Based Conflict

• Summarizing the learnings for myself

• Developing my action points

Session IV: • Managing the conflict within me

• Managing the conflict with others

• Role Plays to develop various styles for resolving conflict

Learning Methodology

This program uses small and large group exercises, lecturette, and practice scenarios to achieve the program objectives. The facilitator uses a variety of games, and transitional and fun exercises to keep the participants energized.


• Total faculty fee for two days Rs. 25, 000/- • Service tax @12.36% • Taxi expenses from Faculty’s home to venue and back.