Introduction To The Competency Mapping

Workshop Objectives

By the end of the program participants will be able to:

• Explain what competencies are.

• Demonstrate appreciation for competency based HR initiatives Organization through their trained personnel will be able to facilitate implementation of HR initiatives effectively. The program will focus on creating awareness to the importance of identifying key competencies required for a specified job. It will enable the participants to make selection decision, evaluation processes and people development based on concrete information and reason, rather than basing it on subjective gut feel or past practices.


1. The program would be entirely based on interactive adult learning process. Simulation and experiential learning be supplemented by concept building lectures.

2. Reading materials and tools shall also be used to facilitate learning.

Who Should Attend

Line mangers, staff specialists who play the role of change initiatives & HR Specialists in the corporate world who are involved in People development process will find this program highly useful. Trainers and managers who are involved, or likely to be involved in identifying and using competencies as part of 360° feedback, appraisals and performance management systems.

Workshop Structure

Session I & II

Introduction and agenda building All managers over a period pick up some ideas about what human qualities contribute to role efficacy of an individual holding a particular position. This session will clarify and give deeper insight into the details of integrating organization position holders and critical success factors contributing effectiveness in the work world. The session would also arrive at an agenda, to next session, to address and bring out certain live issues simmering in the minds of participants, to work during the workshop, in other words an online customization.

• What is Competency?

• What is Competency Mapping and need at all?

• Is it peculiar to each organization?

• What are the process that facilitate and clarify?

Session III

The participants will acquire conceptual understanding about the competency focus, as an emerging job need. The process used to map competency for an organization. • Objectives of the competency mapping

• Alternate techniques is used

• Process and structure of competency mapping initiative

• Mapping Tools – Behavioral Event

• Interviewing ,Rep – Grid

• Thematic Analysis

• Dictionary development

• Implementation journey and milestones


Mr. S Prabakar Kamath has got more than 24 years experience in HRD activities, Industrial Relations, Training, HR System Formulation, HRIS and Labour Laws. He has held senior positions in the leading corporates like Ashok Leyland Ltd, Eicher Group, Ballarpur Industries and Caltex. Having qualified in HR and personal management with additional qualification in training and law, He is an excellent facilitator backed by a deep conceptual and practical knowledge in the HR functions and is familiar with morden concepts / tools. Competencies and Employee Relations in his forte – Subjects on which he constantly does research on and is presently pursuing his PhD. A Life Member of National HRD Network and ISTD and a visiting faculty to premier business schools in India and a broad. He is now involved in training and HR interventions for corporates


Total faculty fee – Rs 22,500/- Service Tax @ 10.2% – Rs 2,295 Taxi expenses on faculty home to the venue and back

Workshop’s Timing :

9 am – 7 pm Responsibility of the client

1. Printing of Hard copies of Course Material in color/or payment in lieu.

2. Paper/acetates/binding for course material.

3. Provision of venue according to training program requirements/LCD with Computer/ OHP /Laptop/ Flipchart Stand/Chart paper, .

4. Refreshments.