Attitudinal TrainingStrategic HR and Training, we firmly believe in providing customized corporate training, soft skill building, management development, and many more training related services to sustain organizational productivity improvement and achievement of our client’s corporate goals.

Why is employee attitude training important? Attitudinal training is one of the under-discussed topics today because most of us are focused on employee intellectual/talent skills. Employees need to do undergo training and development for another important reason: Employee Attitude. We firmly believe that Attitude training is as important as any other corporate HR training. 


Attitudinal training helps to identify and train the employees on attitudinal issues and to develop training strategies and the skill to overcome such attitudinal issues. Our Workshops focus on developing managers to become self-directed performers with the right attitude for learning and ultimately deliver high quality work that will make a bottom-line difference in your organization.


At strategic HR and Training, the attitudinal workshops explore various aspects of attitudinal thinking, providing tools that will help you and/or your organization to excel. To create a better teamwork, our faculty instructors employ various training tool techniques for effective management development; these training programmes are interactive, such as activity-based/game-based training. The training consists of sequential decision-making exercise structured around a hypothetical model of the operations of an organization. We also conduct pre and post-tests to analyze and evaluate the training.

Employee attitudinal training by itself create a reservoir of talent in the organization.

Some of our workshops include –


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