Attitudes for Excellence

• Plants and flowers can wither and die for want of water–unmindful of the river flowing by their side!

Unfortunate. Isn’t it?

• Gadgets and instruments stay unutilized or perform far below their potential for years and years –unmindful of the possible repairs/overhauling that may take only a few hours at the most.

Unfortunate. Isn’t it?

• People go on performing and living the quality of life far below their unnoticed potential…and die regretting the music still stuck unplayed within, and their dreams unrealized… for want of some simple but revolutionary steps that they come so close to learning and adopting in two to three days’ learning…but they don’t.

Unfortunate. Isn’t it?

Today, with this invitation to that three days of learning that you badly need, the cup of opportunity is so near to your mouth…you have in fact already made it, if only you say a big ‘Yes to it.

Fortunate. Isn’t it?

The vicious circle of your present attitude that is at best keeping you stuck in status quo Your decision to say a loud ‘Yes’ to this opportunity A perfect attitude attracting to you a peak fulfillment on all fronts of your life.

As a loyal and faithful friend we can only promise to you that if somehow you could manage to keep your doubts aside for a while and allow yourself to drink the nectar from this cup of opportunity, you will never cease to congratulate yourself for this decision.