An Introduction…..

Strategic HR and Training (Synapsetech eServices (P) Ltd. Venture) provide clients with customized interventions to match their specific needs in relation to people management and the achievement of corporate goals. We specialize in training solutions, organizing and conducting open business seminars, running workshops and training programs and responding to the needs of clients in whatever field of management development, whether traditional and well proven or in topical, highly specialized areas. We also facilitate clients in identifying training needs, design customized interventions and provide appropriate facilitators and expert as required. Our client base covers a wide spectrum of corporate in India ranging from MNCs to the private and public sector.

A track record of excellence.

We are proud of the fact that more than 80% of our business is repeated business from satisfied client companies. Since the Strategic HR and Training (Synapsetech eServices (P) Ltd. Venture) was founded, We have provided consulting and training support to fortune 500 companies and medium-sized organizations in a wide variety of topics all over the India.

A Consulting relationship with a difference

Maybe its because just about every Strategic HR and Training (Synapsetech services (P) Ltd. Venture) consultant has worked as a manager in a business or corporate. But we are highly suspicious of consultants who come with the answer – their answer.

We know that every company is unique and demands solutions that are uniquely designed to meet its needs and work with its people.

Our training solutions begin with where you are and where you are and where you want to go.

What client organization want, and get when Strategic HR and Training (Synapsetech eServices (P) Ltd. Venture) is their training partner are:

* Sustained performance improvement, not short-lived programs.
* Tools, not a concept.
* Internal design and ownership of changes, not consultant design and ownership.
* Measurable results, not activities.
* Self-sufficiency, not consultant dependency.

The depth and breadth of experience Strategic HR and Training (Synapsetech eServices (P) Ltd. Venture) Consultants bring to every training initiative is of the highest value to all our clients.

Client design and ownership of change is fundamental to our approach, our aim is to guide clients making the best use of their internal knowledge and expertise. We believe that consultants on the premises should be few in number and be matching the scope of the job and seasoned.

Strategic HR and Training (Synapsetech eServices (P) Ltd. Venture) Training workshops: A better way to drive your strategy through your organization.

Whatever the challenge, the issue is performance, a model that creates a commitment to change, Strategic HR and Training (Synapsetech eServices (P) Ltd. Venture) training approach excels at helping people make smart changes in the way they work.

Call us to know how we can help make a profitable difference in your organization through our customized training.